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Jackie Fielder for State Senate 2020

SF LGBT Center - 2020 Promo

SF LGBT Center - 2017 Promo

States Can't Wait: Interstate Compact Now

Communities for a New California

Chesa Boudin for District Attorney 2019

SF LGBT Center - 2019 Promo

SF LGBT Center - 2018 Promo

Host Homes: A San Francisco Story

"Destination: Home" for the Tech Interactive Museum

[Cinematography by D. Zlutnick / produced by Tectonic Video]

Rural Resource: Extend Provisional Cannabis Licenses

Jazz's Mural Wish

First Place for Youth: Isaac's Story

[Cinematography by D. Zlutnick / produced by Tectonic Video]

San Francisco Community Land Trust

Bloomberg CityLab: Murals Fill SF's Covid-19 Void

Worldreader x Humble Bundle

Economic Hardship Reporting Project - Susie Cagle

Applied Research Center: "Shattered Families" Launch

These are only some of his completed projects. If you would like to see more, or are looking for a particular aesthetic that you do not see above, please contact David and he can send you additional links. 

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