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David Zlutnick

+1 (805) 698 6228

425 Warren Dr. #3

San Francisco, CA 94131



University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)

            B.A. in Politics w/ an emphasis in International Relations

            Graduated June 2006



Media Experience:


Freelance Video Producer

            Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

            2010 – present 

            Producing high-quality content for a variety of clients including media outlets, filmmakers, production companies, non-profits, etc. 


Upheaval Productions

            Owner, Producer          

            2006 – present

            Independent production company producing short and feature documentaries 


Applied Research Center/

            Interim Video Correspondent, Producer

            Fall 2011 – Summer 2012

            Center for research and investigative media on issues of race and economics                       


Fault Lines: The Newsmagazine of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center

               Contributing Writer, Photographer

            2006 – 2007

            San Francisco newsmagazine featuring local/global news analysis and reporting 


Media Insurgente


            2005 –2008

            Video production group specializing in short documentary films 



Work Featured/Published in:

- The Guardian


- Al Jazeera America

- AJ Plus

- The New York Times



- National Geographic


- Democracy Now!


- Yahoo! Sports

- Truthout

- Public Art Review

- Dollars and Sense


- MatadorTravel

- Alternet



Documentary Filmography:


Changing the Game (9 min, 2016) for AJ Plus

         Producer, Director of Photography, Editor


Out of Angola (10 min, 2015) for MSNBC

         Producer, Director of Photography, Editor


Apache Spring: The Fight for Oak Flat (11 min, 2015) for MSNBC

         Producer, Director of Photography, Editor


How to Stop an Eviction (10 min, 2014) for AJ Plus

         Producer, Director of Photography, Editor


Echo (38 min, 2014)

         Editor, Writer


We Are Egypt: The Story Behind the Revolution (85 min, 2012)

         Editor, Writer


No More Shooting and Crying: Israeli Soldiers After Their Service (14 min, 2011)

         Director/Producer, Director of Photography, Editor


Occupation Has No Future: Militarism and Resistance in Israel/Palestine (84 min, 2011)

         Director/Producer, Director of Photography, Editor


Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans (47 min, 2008)

         Director/Producer, Director of Photography, Editor


Down But Not Out (36 min, 2006)

         Director/Producer, Director of Photography, Editor


Trying Days (26 min, 2006)

         Producer, Editor, Camera-operator


Producing Just Garments (24 min, 2006)

         Assistant Editor


Estamos Aquí: Workers Strike Back at UCSC (10 min, 2005)

         Producer, Editor



Additional Skills:

-   Extensive experience working with digital cinema, ENG, and DSLR camera packages

-   Fluency in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro 7

-   Conversational Spanish

-   Extensive Travel:

     o   The Americas: Bolivia, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, United States

     o   Europe: Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain

     o   Middle East/North Africa: Egypt, Israel & Occupied Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria

     o   Africa: Malawi

     o   Asia: Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam


(References Available Upon Request)

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