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Music & Maryjane for Old Pal Provisions

This short branded doc for cannabis brand Old Pal Provisions was the centerpiece of their 2022 marketing campaign. Visit Ladybug Farms to see how the technology from PlantWave enables musical creation by capturing the exchange of electricity through cannabis plants. Watch and listen to "a digital stoner symphony that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard. Turn it up, burn one down, and enjoy the blissfully trippy sounds of weed."

Directed by David Zlutnick

Produced by Annabel Worrall and David Zlutnick

Executive Producers: Allison Pankow and Annabel Worrall

Director of Photography: David Zlutnick

Additional Cinematography by Yuito Kimura

Edited by David Zlutnick

Graphics by Brandon Hoogenboom and Mason McFee

April 2022 // 5 min. 51 sec.

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